Paragon NTFS for Mac

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The driver you need to write/read NTFS files


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Paragon NTFS for Mac is a low level driver that solves compatibility problems between Windows and Mac OS X file systems.

It offers transparent and full access to NTFS volumes of different Operating Systems including Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000, Windows 2003, Windows XP and Windows Vista.

Paragon NTFS installation pack for Mac takes the place of the native driver (only read) and enters a new driver developed by Paragon (read/write) which is based on UFSD technology (Universal File System Driver).

Paragon NTFS for Mac supports disks of up to 1,5 TB; IDE, SCSI and SATA devices; Firewire, USB 1.0 and 2.0, ZIP and JAZZ files as well as other storage services like Flash cards.